Monday, December 26, 2011

Musical Writing Piece #1

Verse 1:
Everyday, I walk away, from the truth, though I know I should stay
And today, is no exception, but the way, to perfection ain't easy
So should I keep trying? Should I keep climbing?
Is it just to fall again? Why should I be complaining? 
I can't seem to understand, all the things that I planned,
They don't matter to me, anymore, So I guess I just got to let'em go,

All of my fears, and all of my doubts,
Will disappear, when I, step out,
Out of the shell that holds me,
Out of all the insecuirites,
Oh, it holds me so tight,
So I just wanna break free,
And soar the sky

This is still in progress...

A new series!!

Hey everyone!

So, I have decided that I am going to have a set of songs that I have written in a new segment on my blog called: Musical Writing Pieces. They will be in the format of poems so PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!

Thank You!

Just something Inspiring...

Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like the world depends on it,
Act like you don't care what anyone else thinks, 
Because you shouldn't, and you don't 
Play like a three-year old,
Talk like a twenty-year old,
To show how mature you can be,
Count like an accountant,
Swim like an Olympian,
Study like a student,
But be yourself 

Inspiration: I just felt like writing something inspirational!!

Just something Inspiring...

Fulfill your destiny, whether it is something complicated like programming a computer in C language, or something as simple as picking up trash. Fulfill if! Do it with pride! Even though you may think it is useless, do it anyway. Go into the world with an open mind, and EXPLORE!! Have fun, get muddy, shoot a basketball, whatever! Just do it with dignity. Even if lighting deepalu for Diwali or lighting candles for Hanukkah isn't your favorite, still do it! Lead a part of your heritage into the light! Show who you are! Feel the rain on your skin, because no one else can feel it for you! Be you, and take pride in being yourself, because there is no other you on this planet...

Inspiration: I wanted to write something inspirational for people because this does reflect of my life-principles!! So here is a little piece of me!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Fun Acrostic...Variation of "Good vs. Evil"

Good is the Laughter that floats above
On the Rooftops to spread the love
On the Beak of a Snow-white dove
Down the Path and Through the Shrub

View it one way, perspective will change
Same and different, one other range

Evil is the black moon that nestles below the sky
Villains lurk about and make others cry
In every instance a villain will lie
Looking outside, for the world to die


I have gotten into the mood of Acrostic(if you don't know what it means...LOOK IT UP!), as seen in another recent poem so I posted one that I wrote last year!!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Vallerina

Her voice is that of a piano, so sweet and soft each note playing a different melody,

Her bubbly personality fills us all up warmth,

Her spirit is through the roof,

With her pretty pink dress and her sparkly silver shoes with bows,

She shines and radiates like the Sun,

She says she has red shoes like silver, like Dorothy's and how nice to see she has been to Oz and seen the Wizard

A Ballerina she wants to become,

She has the Talent,

the Heart

the Support

the Love

The way she moves is that of a painter painting a work of art,

She, my friends, is a work of art...


I met someone who now is very close to me because of her bigger-than-earth heart and soul. She stood out immediately, not afraid to dance in Sweet Tomatoes. And let me tell you, for a girl that young, she is good. My heart goes out to my little Ballerina or should I say Vallerina... she knows who she is. I will assure you I am not finished but I wanted her to see this.


The family of eleven,

Heated by the Fire and warmth of them all,

Eat together, Sleep together, Be together

Work till their backs break, Chores always some more

Always Trusted by others who know

Lasted through the Bad Times 

The president Roosevelt was baffled

Out they came through memories of Tragedy, of War, of Love

No! They won't be forgotten though they are heros of the Depression

Said them all "Good Night, Everybody" !



As you all know by now, I always write my inspiration for all of my poems and well, this one is  little more subtle. I gave you many hints in this one poem but can you guess this family? This is a huge inspiration probably my biggest and ever since I discovered them, I couldn't stop watching. Can you guess? Do your research and post a comment! (Hint: The name of the family is in the poem itself)