Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inferior No More

Inferior No More
I am weak.
And no one can believe,
That I can defeat,
the Great Hitler.
I have it in me,
The rush and strength to compete,
I hear the crowd scream,
And as I beam,
The Great Hitler comes to me,
He grinned toothily, and confidently.

I am The jew.
The Unfavored jew.
I fear that I am on a lower pedestal than everyone else,
I am in shoes that are too big for me.
And I thought I was more worthy to be rescued than my family?

I left them, sad and lonely,
I left them, and now I am guilty,
I thought about myself before them,
But I wish I didn’t and now I regret,
Stop this madness! I plead I beg,
I remember my mother, so weak so frail,
I know she struggles, she won’t exhale,
Another breath

But that doesn’t matter now,
I am going to fight the great Hitler,
I am ready,
I am fighting for my family,
I am fighting for all of my struggles,
I am fighting to prove to myself,
That I am not the Weak jew.

The Fuhrer and I are tied,
In a way that can’t be explained,
I am just a pebble in the water,
While he is the ocean waves,
Our blood is fierce and red in our veins,
It seems that we share the same pains,
And the same fears run in our brains,

The fear of being inferior,
Being lower than everyone else,
Not being strong,
Losing a match means losing my masculinity,
It is the same for the Great Hitler,

We are in the octagon, as everything blacks out,
The Fuhrer seems so confident, while I am full of so doubt,
With these mixed-up and unfair rules,
How can I expect to prove it to these fools?

That my race doesn’t define me!
It just is a quality.
That enhances who I am,
And I can be a jew, but still be a good Fistfighter.

I punch the Great fuhrer, oh so hard,
Right in the mustache, right in the heart,
I feel so victorious, thought I didn’t have a good start,
But who am I kidding? I just don’t belong,
My superiority won’t last for long,
For though I love to be on top,
Being who I am, that isn’t a thought,
To consider

I am strong,
I know I am strong, I can feel it in my Soul,
And I can fistfight, I know I can,
But I won’t win against The Fuhrer,
No matter how much I dream,
No matter how much I try,
And that is why,

He Won The Match. But not fair and square.

Inspiration: We were learning about WWII in school and so I wrote this poem based on a book called The Book Thief in which a German girl goes through experiences and meets people that are considered taboo. One of these people is a young, Jewish man who happens to know the protagonist's father. He loves to fistfight, and this poem describes his dream of the ultimate match, Him vs. Hitler. -RAP

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pins and Needles through my leg

Stop the pain, I plead and I beg

I was so young, and so healthy,

And how it crept, oh so stealthy,

Into my life, into my mind,

It changed my abilities and now I find,

I find myself, not able to walk,

Those steps of concrete blocks

That I have walked up before so easily,

And now I rest, so weak and weary,

My leg is stabbed, by a needle,

Don't need rehab, who are these people?

To tell me that I have lost,

The thing that keeps my bones crossed,

That thing that wouldn't have let them clash,

Has now wilted away into the ash,

Is what they tell me now and forever,

That I will never be normal, not now, not ever,

I am not able to walk the distance,

That I have walked before,

They say I have too much persistence,

I cannot walk no more,

They have lost hope,

In me and my legs.

Inspiration: My grandmother has had arthritis for a while, and so I dedicated this to her...

The blues and purples of dilemma swirl through my mind,

The reds and oranges of melancholy waft through my thoughts

The numbers, of days gone to waste, days gone by, linger in my memory,

The anger, oh the anger, of being in a valley,

Yes, I am in a valley, a valley where there isn't a square inch to grow,

To bloom, to mature, and I am in the valley of no mistakes,

Correct! The flawless valley; it is a shadow so perfect, that I know I cannot fill,

I can't stand in this outline, because I know I can't replace what I have never had,

What do I not possess, you ask? Good grades? Friends?

I say that what I do not possess, is potential.

Potential to do what I please, potential to fill the shoes that are a size too big

It is as if everything is whizzing by me, and I am struggling to keep up,

I fear that I am on a lower pedestal than everyone else,

I am an invisible figure, though no one can see through to me,

No one understands, none give me something to hope for, something to remember

I feel that I am drifting away, inch-by-inch,

The memories of me, that were once vivid and visible,

Are now blurred and edgy, and are straying away from this world,

And even I can't keep up with their speed

Inspiration: I wrote this for a novel in which a character is an amaturely estranged poet. He writes this poem in the novel....

Think Out Loud

How every thought seeps through one's mind, 

Its soft honey-like layers just waiting to be explored, 

Every one is so different and yet alike, 

One won't think about it, till it has vanished. 

When we think out loud, 

All we want is someone else, 

Someone else to talk to, 

So, we think out loud, 

Expecting someone to listen. 

The brain doesn't always grasp what we say, 

The honey oozes through the fingertips, 

How very unfortunate. 

When you feel that none understand you, 

Take some time to think out loud, 

And when you least expect it, 

Someone will listen. 

Inspiration: I was thinking out loud