Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The family of eleven,

Heated by the Fire and warmth of them all,

Eat together, Sleep together, Be together

Work till their backs break, Chores always some more

Always Trusted by others who know

Lasted through the Bad Times 

The president Roosevelt was baffled

Out they came through memories of Tragedy, of War, of Love

No! They won't be forgotten though they are heros of the Depression

Said them all "Good Night, Everybody" !



As you all know by now, I always write my inspiration for all of my poems and well, this one is  little more subtle. I gave you many hints in this one poem but can you guess this family? This is a huge inspiration probably my biggest and ever since I discovered them, I couldn't stop watching. Can you guess? Do your research and post a comment! (Hint: The name of the family is in the poem itself)

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