Monday, December 26, 2011

Musical Writing Piece #1

Verse 1:
Everyday, I walk away, from the truth, though I know I should stay
And today, is no exception, but the way, to perfection ain't easy
So should I keep trying? Should I keep climbing?
Is it just to fall again? Why should I be complaining? 
I can't seem to understand, all the things that I planned,
They don't matter to me, anymore, So I guess I just got to let'em go,

All of my fears, and all of my doubts,
Will disappear, when I, step out,
Out of the shell that holds me,
Out of all the insecuirites,
Oh, it holds me so tight,
So I just wanna break free,
And soar the sky

This is still in progress...

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