Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

A blanket of white covers the roofs of houses

A streetlight shines bright with dignity thinking "I may be the only one, but I shine like the stars themselves"

A once green, grassy hill was snow a steep,snowy embankment

A tree was trembling as it tried to straighten it's spine

A rock, as hard and strong as it was felt as light as a feather

A snowflake drifts from the sky like the laughter that comes from children on Christmas day

It ran across my face and melts on my cheek

I gazed at the beautiful scene and let myself take a mental picture in my head and thought,

"What a Winter Wonderland!"

29 December, 2009
I glanced outside and spotted pine trees that were covered in snow. Everything was white! I was hoping for snow and my prayers were answered. So I had to write a poem about it!