Monday, December 26, 2011

Just something Inspiring...

Fulfill your destiny, whether it is something complicated like programming a computer in C language, or something as simple as picking up trash. Fulfill if! Do it with pride! Even though you may think it is useless, do it anyway. Go into the world with an open mind, and EXPLORE!! Have fun, get muddy, shoot a basketball, whatever! Just do it with dignity. Even if lighting deepalu for Diwali or lighting candles for Hanukkah isn't your favorite, still do it! Lead a part of your heritage into the light! Show who you are! Feel the rain on your skin, because no one else can feel it for you! Be you, and take pride in being yourself, because there is no other you on this planet...

Inspiration: I wanted to write something inspirational for people because this does reflect of my life-principles!! So here is a little piece of me!!

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