Monday, September 8, 2014

Shove the bucket

A stainless steel knife slits the seams of my stomach,

As pain peregrinates into my now plummeting body,

Flashes of false fears of friends and foe flicker past my eyes,

Big news never hurt so badly.

Can you congregate close to my corpse,

Blow the beseeching bellows of life back into my body?

Sadly no one can accomplish this feat.

Waiting for a word or whisper of my wish,

Because then, I could exhale.

Life is hard but don't let it hurt you.

 Repeat this news he gave me,
In memory my merry man mailed in,
Preparing to swallow the bucket down his throat.


Inspiration: A family member of mine died and I never wrote anything about it because I didn't know how to express it. It bugged me for awhile, but I think I've been able to write something about how I feel/felt.