Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can I go away for a minute?

Maybe hide in a wrinkle of time.

Can I take a step back from the world?

Maybe take a look out the window.

Can I be reborn this morning?

Maybe live a new life regardless of the first.

Can I fly through the ceiling today?

Maybe reenact Peter Pan my way.

Can I dance as swiftly as a hummingbird?

Maybe glide through space like I'm on ice.

Can I be as confident as my friends?

Maybe pull my shoulders up.

Can I be anyone else but me?

Maybe staying as myself is all I need...

Inspiration: We all feel like this sometimes. As in, I wish I could step away from life and take a break. Or I wish I could be as cool as my friends all. It doesn't always happen though. And some people hide these questions away in the back of their minds. I choose to talk about it. Through this poem.