Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Vallerina

Her voice is that of a piano, so sweet and soft each note playing a different melody,

Her bubbly personality fills us all up warmth,

Her spirit is through the roof,

With her pretty pink dress and her sparkly silver shoes with bows,

She shines and radiates like the Sun,

She says she has red shoes like silver, like Dorothy's and how nice to see she has been to Oz and seen the Wizard

A Ballerina she wants to become,

She has the Talent,

the Heart

the Support

the Love

The way she moves is that of a painter painting a work of art,

She, my friends, is a work of art...


I met someone who now is very close to me because of her bigger-than-earth heart and soul. She stood out immediately, not afraid to dance in Sweet Tomatoes. And let me tell you, for a girl that young, she is good. My heart goes out to my little Ballerina or should I say Vallerina... she knows who she is. I will assure you I am not finished but I wanted her to see this.

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