Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The trail into the land of poetry

I was biking on my mountain bike, passing all the trees,

As the honey bees kept whizzing by and the leaves blossomed green,

I felt a gentle breeze in the air as I rode up the mighty peek,

I felt myself sinking and realized I was in a creek,

I watched the silky water flow so smoothly over the rocks,

I got my bike out of the water and standing there was a fox,

She started to speak to me in a soft and syrupy way,

I was shocked that she could talk and I didn't know what to say,

She told that there was a land where everything was so pretty,

I wanted to go there and so I asked, but all she did was look down and said there is only one way...

"The Trail into the land of Poetry!"


Inspiration: I absolutely love limericks (poems and stanzas that rhyme) and I wanted to write my own so I wrote one about poetry! 

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