Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Killing us Softly

They say to look desirable but innocent.
Sexy but naïve.
My skin has to look flawless, 24/7.
No exceptions.

I want to be me, but that isn't who I am supposed to sell.
Who is the real me?
It is as if, after being in this imaginary bubble of perfection,
Artificial personalities
And plastered smiles,
You start to
Lose Yourself.

My body slips away.
Size zero and 100 pounds.
Isn't that enough?
What more do they want?
Size -1?

The Media.
Such a small word for such a big network.
They portray me and sell me.
An object, that is who I am to them.
I feel fake.
I shouldn't have to tolerate their manipulations of my body.

If I am at such a horrible place,
Imagine the future generations.
It is already starting.
Toddlers styling logos like “Pimp Squad”
And girls conveyed as sex objects.

The media defines who I am.
They are my boss.
I want to quit this job.
I want to walk out the door and slam it in their faces.
I wish they knew how they're killing me.
Killing me softly.

“I want to be like Cindy Crawford”.
Said Cindy Crawford.
A person shouldn't have to wish they are themselves.
It is utterly demoralizing.

1 photo shoot.
100 shots.
10 airbrushes.
20 polishes.
30 touch-ups.
Millions of magazines.
The damage it causes the viewers.

Inspiration: I wrote about the objectification of women in the media today, and how it affects our everyday lives. It was inspired by a video called, "Killing us Softly". -RAP

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