Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bittersweet Legs

Bittersweet Legs

You are a part of me,
For eternity,
So hopeless I fear,
Is my future

I hate you,
It's nothing but the truth,
Because you've given me more pain,
Then anything

To have these crooked and bent forks,
As support for my body,
Makes me lucky,
But I wish they were reliant

Why couldn't you be like my eyes?
Movable, predictable, and full of color,
No. You had to be monochromatic,
Unfaithful, stationary, annoying

Life was going great,
Why did you have to ruin it?
Every doctor said something different,
So there goes my life, watch it break!

Do what you can, with what you have,
But I can't sense my own problem!
One day I was twirling,
The next, collapsing

They were tall, lean glasses of water,
Flowing smoothly against the tide,
Now they are rapids,
Picking up speed and crashing against the rocks,

Jelly, you are,
Motionless, and lactic,
Pain surging through like a lightning bolt,
I know I won't be walking for long,

So rugged, like a mountain stained,
With the history of a dreadful explosion,
The swelling, the redness,
I have my proof

My walk slowly churned
Into a limp, as I discerned,
Stairs and uphills, my greatest enemy,
Or walking around the corners, my death at every turn

It's bittersweet,
Because no matter how much I hate,
I can only love them more,
Fickle as they are, they are my fate and future

I really like writing about my favorite part of my body, my legs!

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