Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pins and Needles through my leg

Stop the pain, I plead and I beg

I was so young, and so healthy,

And how it crept, oh so stealthy,

Into my life, into my mind,

It changed my abilities and now I find,

I find myself, not able to walk,

Those steps of concrete blocks

That I have walked up before so easily,

And now I rest, so weak and weary,

My leg is stabbed, by a needle,

Don't need rehab, who are these people?

To tell me that I have lost,

The thing that keeps my bones crossed,

That thing that wouldn't have let them clash,

Has now wilted away into the ash,

Is what they tell me now and forever,

That I will never be normal, not now, not ever,

I am not able to walk the distance,

That I have walked before,

They say I have too much persistence,

I cannot walk no more,

They have lost hope,

In me and my legs.

Inspiration: My grandmother has had arthritis for a while, and so I dedicated this to her...

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