Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fifth Grade Fun

I wrote this poem with my friend AB when i was in Fifth Grade.

Fifth Grade Fun

Leaves on the trees blossom green
In Spring we've been busy as bees
We learnt something new day-by-day
Each honored an elders in an essay

And at the Audubon Society we learnt about watersheds
And micro-invertebrates, tiny bodies and heads
It was our second field trip of the year

Next came William Shakespeare
Everyone loves his plays
White flag for Comedy
Black for Tragedy
And red for History
Some of his plays are funny
Some of his plays are gory
But everyone loves them
With only a quill pen and ink
We tried to write his way
And now we think
It was much harder than using a pen today

Into the bioswale we did lay
Beautiful plants that are here to stay
Long after we leave
Is it probable?

We ask in math class
Figuring out the percents can be quite a task
Meanwhile, our second probe drafts are done
We're glad that this is the last one

Our entire fifth grade class had a used book fair
Everyone handled the books with great care

We cannot believe that the year's almost past
Time is something we just can't grasp
Something that if lost cannot be restored
At least we know we have never been bored!

RAP and AB

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