Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inferior No More

Inferior No More
I am weak.
And no one can believe,
That I can defeat,
the Great Hitler.
I have it in me,
The rush and strength to compete,
I hear the crowd scream,
And as I beam,
The Great Hitler comes to me,
He grinned toothily, and confidently.

I am The jew.
The Unfavored jew.
I fear that I am on a lower pedestal than everyone else,
I am in shoes that are too big for me.
And I thought I was more worthy to be rescued than my family?

I left them, sad and lonely,
I left them, and now I am guilty,
I thought about myself before them,
But I wish I didn’t and now I regret,
Stop this madness! I plead I beg,
I remember my mother, so weak so frail,
I know she struggles, she won’t exhale,
Another breath

But that doesn’t matter now,
I am going to fight the great Hitler,
I am ready,
I am fighting for my family,
I am fighting for all of my struggles,
I am fighting to prove to myself,
That I am not the Weak jew.

The Fuhrer and I are tied,
In a way that can’t be explained,
I am just a pebble in the water,
While he is the ocean waves,
Our blood is fierce and red in our veins,
It seems that we share the same pains,
And the same fears run in our brains,

The fear of being inferior,
Being lower than everyone else,
Not being strong,
Losing a match means losing my masculinity,
It is the same for the Great Hitler,

We are in the octagon, as everything blacks out,
The Fuhrer seems so confident, while I am full of so doubt,
With these mixed-up and unfair rules,
How can I expect to prove it to these fools?

That my race doesn’t define me!
It just is a quality.
That enhances who I am,
And I can be a jew, but still be a good Fistfighter.

I punch the Great fuhrer, oh so hard,
Right in the mustache, right in the heart,
I feel so victorious, thought I didn’t have a good start,
But who am I kidding? I just don’t belong,
My superiority won’t last for long,
For though I love to be on top,
Being who I am, that isn’t a thought,
To consider

I am strong,
I know I am strong, I can feel it in my Soul,
And I can fistfight, I know I can,
But I won’t win against The Fuhrer,
No matter how much I dream,
No matter how much I try,
And that is why,

He Won The Match. But not fair and square.

Inspiration: We were learning about WWII in school and so I wrote this poem based on a book called The Book Thief in which a German girl goes through experiences and meets people that are considered taboo. One of these people is a young, Jewish man who happens to know the protagonist's father. He loves to fistfight, and this poem describes his dream of the ultimate match, Him vs. Hitler. -RAP


  1. this is really antisemitic and you should watch what you write next time. i hope you learn from this mistake.

    1. Hello! I'm glad you took so much interest in my writing. If you look in the description it says that it is based on the novel, The Book Thief. The character that I am talking about is the one that feels the way I have written, since it is written from this character's point of view. I respect all cultures, and this includes Judaism. I'm sorry if you felt that my writing is anti semitic, but it wasn't meant to offend anyone.